Grading FAQ

Times & Dates

Cards are sent at the beginning of each month to PSA. Cards must be in before our mentioned dates to be included on the next sub. We suggest reaching out prior to submitting cards with us. BGS is sent when we build up enough cards for each submission. This can sometimes take multiple months until the submission is large enough. 

We can NOT guarantee times. There are all sorts of variables when it comes to the time of grading cards. There can be shipping delays, or delays in the grading process. All wait times are estimated and can take longer than planned. We grade cards to help this community and are very appreciative of your patience. We understand it can be scary to send cards off and we want to ease your mind the best we can. We can’t however rush the process in any way, and do not condone harassment for others graded cards. We will have cards back to everyone as fast as we can. 

Free Assessment

We are happy to help give a second or third pair of eyes to your cards prior to sending for grading. We want to ensure the same thing; high grades on the cards we love. We can only give a quick look on so many cards to help along the process, as this is a free service we provide. 

Same with the wait times, we can NOT guarantee the grades of your cards. Grading companies use very high tech equipment and different lighting that can see many missed flaws on cards. If you wish for your cards to be cleaned, and carefully checked; we offer this service at an additional $4 per card. This will not clear any scratches or imperfections but will help with smudging or any sort of small dust/dirt and is recommended for any cards with shine to them. 



PSA requires cards to be submitted in a Semi-rigid case. If a card is too thick to fit in a Semi-Rigid, they can be held in your choice of protection, recommend a sleeve and toploader in a team bag for most cases. If you have any questions or concerns regarding preparation, we are happy to help. We recommend that ALL people take photos of the fronts and backs of every card prior to submission. We recommend this for peace of mind as we understand the worry of cards going missing or getting switched. Rest assured, we have never encountered these issues. However, we want to make this as simple and carefree of a process as possible for everyone.

If cards are NOT properly packaged, there will be an additional $1 fee PER card for us to prepare them for you.

Drop Off

We accept cards to be dropped off for all grading on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday. (Maximum 10 Cards. 11+ cards require appointments) We recommend reaching out to see if someone is available to accept the cards beforehand. 


The scariest thought when grading cards is their cards being lost. We have graded THOUSANDS of cards with a clean record so far. However, we know this is a possibility. For every card sent to PSA we require a $10 insurance charge. For BGS the standard $10 per card applies, however if the cards pass $1000 insurable value, there can be additional insurance charges. 

PSA (Estimated 30-120 Business Days, varies off of level)

Levels & Prices

Value (Up to $499 USD Value) $55 CAD

Economy (Up to $999 USD Value) $80 CAD

Regular (Up to $1499 USD Value) $175 CAD

Insurance $10 PER CARD 

Shipping $15 PER ORDER

Supplies $1 PER CARD (If needed)

Card Cleaning $4 PER CARD (If wanted)

  • Tax (13%)
  • BGS (Estimated 60+ Business Days)


    Insurance $10 PER CARD (Possibly Upcharges)

    Shipping $15 PER ORDER

    Supplies $1 PER CARD (If needed)

    Card Cleaning $4 PER CARD (If wanted)


  • Tax (13%)